Grand Theft Auto fans want the upcoming GTA 6 to include more dynamic and extreme weather, such as tropical storms and tornadoes!

Rockstar Games makes some of the most detailed and lifelike open worlds in the gaming industry, but there is always room for improvement. In particular, more lifelike weather could make the next GTA title much more realistic.

With its last release, Red Dead Redemption 2, the developer really pushed the boat out with dynamic weather.

The game was home to all kinds of biomes like snowy mountains, sandy deserts and even vast swampland, however, within each of these, there were also dynamic weather events. Players could encounter spontaneous sand storms, snow showers and even thunderstorms in the game.

Vice City Beach GTA 6

This level of detail with the weather has prompted many Rockstar Games fans to request similar dynamic weather in GTA 6.

Fans Want Extreme Weather in GTA 6

A popular discussion for GTA fans at the moment is the potential for more extreme weather in Grand Theft Auto 6, thanks to it being set in Leonida, a fictional version of Florida.

Judging by Rockstar’s previous titles, it’ll feature a day and night cycle, as well as a number of standard weather types. However, real-life Florida can have some pretty extreme weather events, which could make the world of GTA 6 more exciting and immersive.

Redditor RudeMirror has asked members of the GTA 6 subreddit what they expect from the weather in the game, and there are plenty of things that players would like to see.

Of course, tornadoes and hurricanes are both very popular suggestions, while others want to see detailed storms or more simple weather effects like fog and colorful sunsets.

While all of these weather systems could make an appearance in GTA 6, some seem more likely than others. Below, we go over which ones could be implemented into the next Grand Theft Auto, as well as what hints we have seen about them from Trailer 1!


Firstly, it’s almost certain that Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature thunderstorms. Both the setting of the game as well as Rockstar’s previous forays into dynamic weather make this weather type a shoo-in.

Thunderstorms were one of the dynamic weather events in Red Dead Redemption 2, and they even featured lightning strikes. As Florida (which GTA 6’s Leonida is based on) has a stormy season over the Summer months, we expect that Rockstar will implement this technology into GTA 6 too.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Thunderstorm Night

Plus, with all of the neon lights in Vice City, it would be a huge missed opportunity if there wasn’t some properly stormy weather. Anyone who has played Cyberpunk 2077 will know how stunning neon skylines can look in the rain!

We also expect the storms in GTA 6 to look even better than they did in Red Dead Redemption 2. Judging by the highly detailed skybox in the first trailer for GTA 6, it looks like the clouds will be even more lifelike, and there could even be realistic storm formations in the game.

GTA 6 Trailer 1 Boats and Sky


While it is possible that GTA 6 could have tornadoes, it seems unlikely. Despite Florida getting tornadoes on occasion, it would be a very difficult thing to implement in Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will already be a very demanding game for consoles to run, and adding in the complex physics effects of a tornado could be too much to handle.

Additionally, even if random tornadoes were possible, they would likely have to be away from the cities and towns. This is because the building in GTA 6 almost certainly won’t be destructible, and there’s no point in having a tornado if it can’t damage things!

Despite this, don’t rule out Rockstar including a tornado in a story mission to really ramp up the excitement!

Bridges Between Islands GTA 6

Thick Fog

One weather effect that really added to the atmosphere in Red Dead Redemption 2 was the fog in the swampy areas of the map. This would also fit perfectly in GTA 6’s marshlands.

GTA 6 Trailer 1 showed a couple of glimpses of the plains and swamps in the game, as well as the foggy weather surrounding them.

With GTA 6’s graphical improvements over Red Dead Redemption 2, we expect these areas of the map to look stunning, especially in the morning and evening where the mist will be present the most.

This foggy weather will make GTA 6’s version of the Everglades mysterious and intriguing to explore. Plus, it could hide some exciting secrets!

leonida hovercraft in GTA 6 swampland

Gorgeous Sunrises & Sunsets

While this isn’t necessarily weather, we already know that GTA 6 will feature stunning sunrises and sunsets, thanks to the first trailer for the game.

Leaks have also suggested that dawn and dusk will also be a little stylized compared to real life, with the sky turning to shades of orange, pink and purple when the sun is low in the sky.

So far, this is the most stunning visual effect in GTA 6 that we know about. However, we have only seen one trailer for the game so far!

GTA 5 Bridge Skyline

Stay tuned for more information about the weather effects in GTA 6. Hopefully, we will see some of them in action in Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer 2!

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