Fans are calling on GTA 6 developer Rockstar Games to add this one feature that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been missing for years.

The wait for GTA 6 is a brutal one, especially now that we know the upcoming title won’t release until Fall 2025.

Rockstar Games is no doubt busy ensuring that the final product lives up to fan expectations, and most actual development is likely already over. However, that isn’t stopping users from making requests of the developer, or calling for specific additions to make it into the game.

GTA Fans Want the Ability to Put NPCs in Car Trunks

One of the more popular feature requests we’ve seen for GTA 6 is the ability to kidnap NPCs by throwing them in the trunk of your car.

Despite GTA 5 featuring missions in which the protagonists do exactly this, the action wasn’t actually possible in the most recent game.

GTA Deathwish Ending Michael Trevor Franklin Tie Up Devon in Car Trunk
Michael, Franklin, Trevor Lock Devon Weston in Car Trunk in GTA 5’s Deathwish Ending

In fact, putting NPCs in your trunk hasn’t been possible in any GTA title to date, despite the function making an appearance in similar open-world titles.

Games such as Sleeping Dogs, Mafia 3, and even the True Crime games from the early 2000s each let players carry NPCs around in their vehicles.

And given that Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 both let you hogtie victims and place them on the back of your horse, we’d say the feature has been missing from GTA for too long.

Leaks Seem to Confirm the Feature Could Be Coming

Although we’ve seen nothing in the way of confirmation from Rockstar Games just yet, it does appear as though placing NPCs in your trunk may actually be possible in GTA 6.

Based on the September 2022 leaks for GTA 6, Lucia and Jason can now use zip ties to bind civilians. This was shown in the clips taken from a diner robbery-in-progress and suggests that we’ll have a way to easily tie up NPCs on our person at all times.

The ability to carry an NPC over your shoulder, which is very similar to Red Dead Redemption’s mechanic, was also shown in the leaks.

Hogtie in Red Dead Redemption 1

What’s more, it seems that GTA 6 may abandon the series’ beloved weapon wheel, instead restricting players to carrying only weapons that they can conceal on their person.

If this is the case, we’ll almost certainly be using our car trunks to carry more guns. After all, horses in Red Dead are used to carry excess weapons that Arthur Morgan isn’t able to keep on his person.

Would It Be Problematic for GTA Online?

One of the only issues with being able to pick up NPCs and put them into your car trunk in GTA 6 is that the function would therefore be possible online.

Some fans pointed out this issue on the GTA 6 subreddit, noting that it would be ‘perfect for griefers.’ While it’s certainly true that being abducted when trying to play online would be inconvenient, there’s a way around the issue.

First of all, GTA Online already lets you activate Passive Mode in order to avoid getting damaged by other players. In Red Dead Online, players can use Friendly Free Roam to accomplish the same goal.

GTA Online Man Standing Next to Car With a Bat

This could be used if a player wants an instant escape from the kidnapping in progress. But it’s also worth noting that Red Dead Online already lets players struggle to escape their bindings relatively easily.

We imagine GTA 6 Online would have a similar feature in order to prevent players from abusing the zip tie feature.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what Rockstar Games has in store for us. While leaks indicate that players may well get what they’re hoping for this time, we’d take all leaked footage with a hefty pinch of salt.

After all, it’s likely not fully reflective of the final product, which Rockstar Games is unlikely to be still adding new features to in mid-2024.

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