GTA 6 will release in Fall 2025, and some fans in the Grand Theft Auto community are happy that it isn’t dropping anytime soon.

It’s not often that gamers praise a studio for not releasing a title they’re looking forward to.

This is especially true when it comes to a game like Grand Theft Auto 6, which fans of the series have been waiting over a decade for.

However, over on the GTA 6 subreddit, some users are voicing their satisfaction that Rockstar Games’ latest project isn’t releasing soon.

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Is Fall 2025 a Better Release Date Than Early 2025?

According to select fans on the online GTA 6 forums, the game’s Fall 2025 release date is a good thing. For those unaware, it looks as though GTA 6 was internally delayed from an early 2025 release, though one was never officially announced.

As for why those fans believe waiting a little longer is a positive, it mostly comes down to wanting GTA 6 to be perfect upon release:

“Honestly the longer it takes to release the more satisfied I am,” Reddit user prog84 writes. “It just tells me they’re leaving no stone unturned with this game and won’t release it until they know they’ve put every last drop of perfection they can into the game.”

The user’s post was one of the subreddit’s top upvoted submissions of the day, suggesting that many Reddit users agree with the point above.

It’s true that more development time means fewer bugs and a higher level of polish on release. In fact, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick recently suggested that Rockstar is in the process of eliminating as many bugs as possible before release day.

The CEO went on to say: ‘Rockstar Games seeks perfection in what they do,’ which certainly indicates that the studio isn’t looking to release the game half-baked.

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Other fans report that they’re happy to see GTA 6 get a Fall release, because it’ll be easier to make time for the game than if it dropped early in the year.

“I’m sad it’s not sooner, but I’m super glad the target is around my slow season for work so I can afford to take a few days off easier”


However, not all users are happy about having to wait to get their hands on the game.

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Some Fans Are Decidedly Unhappy

Despite the popularity of prog84’s post, it has to be said that a large percentage of the comments do not agree with their message.

“No one is happier that the game is delayed,” user renfsu replies. “Sure it means they can take time with it. But you’re still waiting longer for the game. Say something happens and it’s pushed to 2026. Would that make you happier?”

It’s not like a delay would be too surprising when it comes to a title as massive as GTA 6. In fact, practically all of Rockstar Games’ in-house projects in the last 20 years have been delayed.

byu/prog84 from discussion

However, Take-Two’s CEO currently claims that the publisher is very optimistic about GTA 6’s Fall 2025 release date. Hopefully, no game-breaking bugs are discovered in the coming months, and Rockstar is able to finish optimizing the massive open-world title in time for release.

But even when GTA 6 officially releases, that won’t even be the end of the wait for some players.

After all, those holding off on purchasing the game until Grand Theft Auto 6 comes to PC will have at least another year to wait!

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