Could GTA Online be adding new vehicles that Rockstar has designed specifically for GTA 6? Fans certainly believe this could be the case, but we’re not so sure.

After over a decade of support, GTA Online could be winding down with its last few major updates ahead of the launch of Grand Theft Auto 6.

In the most recent Summer update, Bottom Dollar Bounties, Rockstar added a variety of new content to the game, including the option to track down San Andreas’ most wanted. And in that very same update, one fan thinks they spotted a tease for the GTA 6 map!

But when it comes to new vehicles being added to the game, some GTA Online fans believe that Rockstar is recycling GTA 6 content.

Are GTA Online Vehicles Backported From GTA 6?

Over on the GTA 6 subreddit, fans are debating whether or not the latest GTA Online vehicles are, in fact, cars from Grand Theft Auto 6.

The quality difference between one of GTA Online’s initial vehicles and the latest in-game offerings is certainly substantial.

Just take a look at this GTA 5 Banshee, which was in the online mode at launch:

Banshee Car in GTA 5

When compared to the Übermacht Niobe, a car added to GTA Online in its latest update, there’s a notable difference in model quality.

GTA Online Niobe Exterior

As user BoxAfterDark points out, the new Niobe features a super-detailed interior, and even its exterior appears much more detailed than your average GTA Online car.

Another Reddit user notes that newer GTA Online Vehicles tend to be even more similar to their real-world counterparts than usual, with the Niobe in question more closely resembling the BMW i8 it’s attempting to replicate.

GTA Online Niobe Interior

Could this indicate that several newer cars were originally GTA 6 vehicles before being backported to GTA Online?

It’s More Likely the Other Way Around

Personally, we think it’s unlikely that Rockstar Games would spend time developing high-quality vehicles for GTA 6 and then significantly downgrade them for GTA Online.

Furthermore, the cars visible in the September 2022 leaks for GTA 6 were significantly more detailed than even GTA Online’s new additions, particularly in their interiors.

Instead, as GTA wiki mod, 3D artist, and dataminer Monkeypolice188 points out, it’s more likely that the cars are being made for GTA Online before being improved for GTA 6.

With that in mind, it’s entirely possible that we’ll see some of GTA Online’s new vehicles in GTA 6 after all, but with even more visual upgrades.

So far, we haven’t seen any of the cars or bikes featured in GTA 6 Trailer 1 or leaks appear in GTA 5’s standalone online mode.

But when release day finally rolls around, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see some familiar vehicles make an appearance.

Interestingly, it looks as though Rockstar has already shown off the GTA 6 version of the Banshee – and very few fans noticed!

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