A new report has emerged that states that GTA 6 is falling behind, and some Rockstar Games employees expect it to be delayed.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is quite possibly the most anticipated game of all time, and we imagine Rockstar is feeling the pressure to deliver on fans’ expectations.

Rumors are swirling about a potential delay to the game, and now a new report from Kotaku suggests that one of our biggest fears could come true.

Could GTA 6 Be Delayed?

According to some new information released by Kotaku, it’s possible that “GTA could miss its 2025 release window and slip into 2026.”

“Kotaku has learned that it’s becoming more and more likely that the sequel might not land until late 2025,” the report reads. “It’s also possible that it could even slip into 2026 as production reportedly falls behind.”

The good news is that the same report confirms that ‘early 2025’ is still the goal for GTA 6’s release. However, it appears that the anonymous sources with knowledge of the game’s development process expect that it could miss that goal.

Lucia Looking at the Prison Yard in GTA 6

If production falls behind too severely, it appears that a delay to 2026 is on the cards. However, it’s more likely that a potential delay sets the game back to late 2025.

Although it isn’t clear what impact this has on the title’s development, Kotaku references Bloomberg‘s report on the recent Rockstar Games return-to-office mandate on several occasions.

Reportedly, calling in all workers to the office for five days a week, including those that were hired remotely, has been an unpopular decision amongst the Rockstar staff.

Why Is Rockstar Calling In Staff?

According to the Kotaku report, GTA 6 falling behind in its development and potentially missing the 2025 release window was a big part of why Rockstar Games wants its staff back in the office.

In a memo to its employees distributed in February 2024, the developer stated that the return-to-office mandate was due to productivity as well as security concerns.

Rockstar Games Lucia and Jason Key Art

But given Rockstar’s history of brutal crunch culture in its lead-up to new game releases, a number of staff fear the team could be slipping back into its old ways.

What’s more, an article posted Aftermath suggests that the return to office will force some remote employees to leave the company, such as those that would have to pay expensive relocation or commuting costs.

It’s worth noting that practically all of Rockstar Games’ in-house projects in the last 20 years have been delayed! So in our eyes, there’s a good chance it’ll happen to GTA 6 too.

Ultimately, although consumers don’t want GTA 6 to be delayed, we’re sure many would agree that a 10/10 experience is worth waiting a few extra months for.

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