Fans eagerly await the first official GTA 6 screenshots, but fake images are causing many to believe they’ve already been released.

It appears that our next look at Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 6 could be just around the corner.

With the Take-Two Interactive earnings call coming up next week, Rockstar has the perfect opportunity to release a new update on the game in development.

And yesterday, we saw an update to the Rockstar Games website accidentally go live early, revealing four spaces for upcoming screenshots!

But as GTA 6 started trending once again, some users saw a way to capitalize on the fan base’s hype…

Watch Out For Fake GTA 6 Images

Over on social media site X (formerly Twitter), fake, likely AI-generated images are being used to trick fans into thinking they’re seeing official GTA 6 screenshots.

This post from JokerFromGTAVI, which has been viewed over 184,000 times already, showcases four new images that seem at first glance to be from the upcoming game.

However, those who look closely can tell that the images are not authentic and contain telltale signs of AI image generation.

One of the most obvious indications that the images are AI-generated can be seen in the woman’s sunglasses in the first picture. As you can see below, the AI messed up when creating the frames, leading to a double rim.

GTA 6 AI Image Signs

And that’s not the only easy-to-overlook indicator either. In the beach picture, the person on the far left also has extremely long arms, and there are surely many more hints to be found on top of that.

However, the vast majority of commenters appear to have no idea that the GTA 6 images are AI-generated, instead leaving replies about how good the screenshots look, or how excited they are for the game.

Not all fans are being fooled so easily though – in fact, it appears that the image poster is simply hiding all replies that call them out for posting fake screenshots.

One look at the hidden replies reveals that some fans can see past the hype and detect when they’re being lied to.

And it’s not just this one post doing the rounds either. Earlier in May, we saw this image circulating, where the AI can’t tell if it’s meant to be rendering a car or a building.

But even the most obviously fake images are still getting attention, with this post accruing an insane 28.7 million views!

When Will Real Screenshots Arrive?

Given the Rockstar Games website’s recent updates and the fact that parent company Take-Two Interactive is hosting an earnings call on May 16, 2024, we’d say new screenshots are likely just around the corner.

After all, Rockstar has a habit of dropping new reveals just before an investor call!

However, fans shouldn’t trust any new images they see online until they’re from Rockstar or Take-Two itself!

On top of that, while we don’t expect Take-Two Interactive to reveal any new images, the company will surely discuss GTA 6 with investors next week.

Here’s how to tune into the publisher’s quarterly earnings report when it goes live on May 16, so you’re among the first to hear what the company has to say.

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