Over the past few months, GTA fans have been closely analyzing every post by Rockstar Games for any hidden GTA 6 teasers.

It turns out the announcement date and date and time of the first trailer were right in front of our eyes this entire time. However, very few people had spotted it.

Moon Teaser Hinted at Trailer Announcement Date

First and foremost, Rockstar had actually hinted at the trailer’s announcement date of December 1 well in advance.

Many people may recall a rather conspicuous moon-related teaser. On September 29, Rockstar tweeted a “Happy Moon Festival!” greeting, which turned out to be a clever hint regarding the trailer announcement date.

In the image they shared, you can easily spot the letters “VI” on the left side, with the characters covering the rest of the VINEWOOD sign.

However, the most crucial detail in the image is the moon’s phase in the top right corner. The moon depicted is in the Waning Gibbous phase at approximately 85%.

GTA VI Moon Teaser
Letters “VI” are shown on the left side, Waning Gibbous moon phase at 85% is shown in the top right.

Following the release of this teaser by Rockstar, numerous fans began speculating that the official reveal would occur on October 3, as this coincided with the next occurrence of a Waning Gibbous moon at roughly 85%.

However, after the absence of any reveal on October 3, we narrowed down the dates of when the moon would next be in this phase:

  1. November 1
  2. December 1
  3. December 31
Waning Gibbous 85% Moon Phases in December 2023
Waning Gibbous Moon Phase was on December 1 and 31, 2023 (via SpaceWeatherLive)

Now, let’s delve into why the moon theory was correct but was initially miscalculated.

As pointed out by Reddit user aurum616, the two spots on the moon (the Sea of Serenity and the Sea of Tranquility) only aligned with the Waning Gibbous phase on December 1, not on October 3 or November 1.

Moon Spots on GTA 6 Teaser
Only the December 1st Waning Gibbous moon phase matched the spots on the teaser. Left is the moon in the teaser, right is the moon on October 3 and December 1.

This observation shows the meticulous attention to detail that Rockstar put into this teaser, revealing that December 1 was the intended date they had been hinting at all along.

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A GTA Online Shirt Revealed the Exact Trailer Date & Time

Nearly 6 months ago, in June, Rockstar introduced a mysterious shirt in GTA Online, a shirt that, in hindsight, held the secret to the trailer’s release date and time.

This shirt displayed a sequence of numbers: 15140504012523091212180522050112011212.

These numbers concealed a cryptic message. When decoded, they revealed “ONEDAYWILLREVEALALL,” meaning “one day will reveal all.”

Within this lengthy string of numbers, there was a significant sequence: ‘1252309.’ This sequence corresponds to a specific date and time: December 5, 2023, at 9 AM ET – precisely when the first GTA 6 trailer will be unveiled.

GTA Online shirt teased exact GTA 6 trailer date and time
GTA Online’s “one day will reveal all” shirt teased the exact GTA 6 trailer date and time.

Looking back at this, we now realize what Rockstar was saying: December 5, 2023, at 9 AM ET will reveal everything.

A lot of people think the community looks too deeply into every little post, but maybe, we weren’t looking deeply enough after all.

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