GTA 6 delay news has been doing the rounds online, but a new report indicates that the game is indeed on schedule and that recent news was ‘pure conjecture.’

At this point, it feels like there’s little point in speculating exactly what’s going on with Grand Theft Auto 6 development.

Only days after gaming news giant Kotaku reported that its sources at Rockstar Games indicated that GTA 6 is ‘falling behind,’ we’re now hearing the opposite.

And while we wait for the developer to drop GTA 6’s confirmed release date, all we can do is sit back and hope that delay rumors aren’t true.

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Is GTA 6 Delayed Or Not?

Right now there are conflicting reports regarding the status of GTA 6 development and potential delays.

Insider Gaming Senior Editor Mike Straw claims he’s reached out to multiple sources, only to be told that development is proceeding smoothly. What’s more, those sources indicate that the delay rumors are ‘pure conjecture,’ at least for now.

UPDATE: It appears that Insider Gaming was incorrect, given that GTA 6 is now confirmed to release in Fall 2025!

Insider Gaming owner and known industry leaker Tom Henderson also commented on the report, claiming the information was nothing new, and claiming Kotaku was simply ‘try to stir the pot.’

It should be noted that even the original Kotaku article being finger-pointed didn’t state a delay was ready to be announced.

Instead, it claimed that Kotaku’s own Rockstar insiders believed it was becoming ‘more and more likely that the sequel might not land until late 2025,’ due to falling behind in its development.

Despite how fans are taking the news, the report indicated that the developers are still targeting an early 2025 release, and no delay has been confirmed, even internally, at this point in time.

However, the article also contained a claim that it was possible GTA 6 could arrive in 2026, something that’s greatly upset the game’s online community.

It’s worth pointing out that every Rockstar Games release in the last 20 years has been delayed. Assuming that GTA 6 absolutely won’t be pushed back is setting yourself up for disappointment, but we can dream.

What Else Do We Know?

There are a few other factors that could give us a hint as to GTA 6’s intended release, even before an exact date is announced.

Recently, fans spotted a new Rockstar Games localization contract that runs from now until March 2025, potentially indicating that the game could release after its conclusion.

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Take-Two Interactive’s May 2023 earnings call was another big clue, with the company reporting record profit expectations of over $8 billion in Fiscal Year 2025 (which ends on March 31, 2025).

However, the publisher has since adjusted expectations, dropping its profit margin to $7 billion, and causing some industry analysts to suggest GTA 6 has been pushed back to late 2025.

Combined with Rockstar’s history of delays, we personally don’t recommend getting your hopes up for an early 2025 release.

After all, over half of all GTA games have launched in October, and a release towards the end of the year worked very well for both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

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