Should GTA 6 players be able to link their Spotify accounts or create custom playlists for the in-game radio? Some fans certainly seem to think so.

Members of the Grand Theft Auto community are discussing the possibility of adding their own music into Rockstar Games’ upcoming title.

Music has always been a major part of the GTA experience, and several games from the franchise’s past are known for their iconic tracklists to this day.

Vice City and San Andreas, in particular, are two games where the soundtrack contributed immensely to the overall feel of their open worlds.

GTA 5 Radio Stations
GTA 5 Radio Stations

But now that GTA 6 is set to bring fans a whole new set of radio stations, alongside tracks that will be forever linked with Vice City and the state of Leonida, fans are asking for the ability to add their own music to the game.

Over on the GTA 6 subreddit, a community comprised of over 1 million fans who are eagerly awaiting the game’s release, fans are discussing whether or not the game should allow them to add their own custom music.

One popular idea is for Rockstar to add the ability for players to link Spotify, Apple Music, or other streaming services to the game’s radio.

That way, players would be able to hop in their car, switch the radio over to their custom channel, and enjoy their own taste in music while driving.

In this manner, players would be able to tailor their in-game music experience, and keep GTA 6 feeling fresh long after its 2025 release window.

It’s not a bad idea when you bear in mind that we’ve been waiting on the game for over a decade, and we’ll likely be waiting for GTA 7 for just as long.

But Would Adding Music Ruin the Intended Experience?

However, this suggestion isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

“I personally love the radio picks since they add character to the game,” Reddit user Majnkra writes. “Wouldn’t want that to be overshadowed by everyone using Spotify.”

The GTA fan also points out that players on consoles can use the Spotify application to play their own custom music in the background of their gameplay anyway. The same can be said for PC users, when GTA 6 finally comes to PC.

However, playing music in this manner isn’t quite the same, as it wouldn’t stop and start alongside your character climbing aboard their vehicle of choice.

byu/dlovan666 from discussion

Several users disagree with the demand for Spotify integration, claiming that it would ruin the game’s identity. It’s certainly hard to disagree, given how iconic the music of the original Vice City shaped one of the franchise’s greatest titles.

What About Custom Playlists?

But if GTA 6 doesn’t add the ability to link a Spotify account, some users believe it should at least allow players to make custom playlists using existing in-game tracks.

Reddit user MURFEE7799 points out that the Saints Row games have often allowed players to create their own mixes. This means users are able to filter out songs they’re tired of, and prioritize their favorite music during gameplay.

Custom playlists could prove to be the best of both worlds when it comes to GTA 6. However, it’s worth pointing out that development on the game is likely in its final stages.

Just earlier today, we saw evidence that points to GTA 6 being almost complete, and as such, any features that aren’t in the current build likely aren’t arriving before launch.

Chances are, Rockstar Games doesn’t have time to work on any additional gameplay elements before release day. So if Spotify integration or custom playlists didn’t make the cut, all we can do is hope for a post-launch addition.

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