The internet is awash with rumors and theories speculating that GTA 6 could be the first game to cost $100. How realistic is this price tag, and would it prove to be good value for gamers?

Grand Theft Auto 6 is the most highly anticipated videogame of all time, and for good reason. Fans have waited well over a decade for the sequel to GTA 5, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any gamer who isn’t excited about it.

However, Rockstar could use this GTA 6 hype to make a little more cash by marking up the price. But would Rockstar actually price GTA 6 at $100, as the rumors suggest?

Why GTA 6 Could Be a $100 Game

The rumors and predictions about GTA 6 having a $100 price tag sound far-fetched, but there are a few reasons why Rockstar could go with this cost.

This involves the current state of AAA gaming, GTA 6’s production cost, and the amount of content in the game!

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AAA Game Prices May Increase

By the time that the GTA 6 release date rolls around in 2025, the standard $70 price for AAA games could have risen.

Even though the $70 price point has stuck for this console generation so far, premium editions of games are becoming more common. Plus, the amount of money is costs to make games has risen dramatically.

Therefore, it seems like it is only a matter of time before the price of new games increases further. They may even reach $100!

GTA 6’s Eye-Watering Budget

Leaks suggest that GTA 6 cost around $2 billion to make, which would make it the most expensive game of all time by a long distance!

And while Rockstar Games will definitely make that huge amount of money back, the studio may want to see a larger upfront return of cash. Charging $100 for GTA 6 instead of $70 would net Rockstar hundreds of millions more, even from just pre-orders!

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The Amount of Content in GTA 6 Could Justify a Higher Price Tag

While Rockstar has not announced any details about GTA 6 yet, the trailer makes the game seem truly vast. Plus, leaks suggest that it’ll be their largest and most ambitious game yet!

With the potential for hundreds of hours of enjoyment, gamers will almost certainly be playing GTA 6 for longer than any other $70 game. Therefore, Rockstar could decide to opt for a higher price point due to the amount of content in the game.

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Some gamers would happily pay $100 or more for GTA 6, and there are enough reasons for Rockstar to justify this three-figure price. However, we expect the developer to stick with the industry standard $70.

Why Rockstar Will Likely Stick to $70

Despite the above reasons being reasonable explanations as to why Rockstar Games could charge $100 for GTA 6, we believe that it will still be a $70 game.

There are a couple of explanations for this, with the main one still leading to most players paying over $70!

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Rockstar Would Want a Larger Player Base

Firstly, Rockstar Games charging $70 for GTA 6 makes sense as it will allow more players to buy it.

Having a larger player base would be more valuable to Rockstar in the long run, rather than having more money up front. This is because GTA 6 will almost certainly have an online component, and GTA Online is a huge cash cow!

As of Summer 2023, GTA Online had made over $7.7 billion from in-game purchases. This staggering number will surely be bettered by GTA 6’s online mode, especially if Rockstar ensures that the player base is as high as possible on day 1.

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$100 for Early Access / Special Edition is Likely

Also, as is the current trend, we expect that GTA 6 will get a more expensive special edition that includes early access.

Recent AAA titles like EA Sports FC 24, Starfield, and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League all had premium editions priced at over $100. Purchasing the more expensive versions was the only way to get early access.

With developers regularly charging $30 or more for a couple of days of early access to a game, we expect Rockstar to do the same with GTA 6. After all, most players would happily pay extra to play Grand Theft Auto 6 as soon as it launches!

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Take-Two Wants To Give Players Good Value

Finally, the CEO of Take-Two (Rockstar’s parent company), Strauss Zelnick, recently said that the company’s strategy is to “deliver much more value than what we charge consumers”.

This statement from Take-Two’s Q2 2024 investor call, as reported by, hints towards industry-standard pricing for GTA 6.

While Zelnick doesn’t outright deny that GTA 6 will cost over $70, it seems rather unlikely. If Take-Two’s main focus is value, then charging above the industry standard would contradict that somewhat.

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Only time will tell whether Rockstar Games actually prices GTA 6 at $100 or sticks with $70. Stay tuned for more GTA 6 communications, as pre-orders for the game will surely begin later this year!

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