GTA 6 is the most anticipated video game of all time, and the reaction to Rockstar’s latest announcement is a testament to that.

On December 1, Rockstar announced it would reveal the game’s first trailer on Tuesday, December 5 at 9 AM ET.

This post quickly shattered several Twitter/X records, becoming the fastest gaming tweet to reach 1 million likes.

Now, other video game studios are using the hype to their advantage.

Video Game Studios Join the GTA 6 Announcement Trend

Fall Guys, Halo Infinite, Warzone, and Overwatch (in that order) have all copied Rockstar’s GTA 6 announcement trailer post.

These video games have posted images using the same style as Rockstar’s announcement.

The images all match the orange/yellow and bluish color scheme of the new artwork, with the game’s logo in the middle and the white text revealing the time and date of what’s being shown.

You can see a side-by-side comparison of this trend for yourself below:

Fall Guys, Halo Infinite, and Warzone copy GTA 6 trailer announcement
Overwatch copying GTA 6 announcement style

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Warzone has used the excitement to advertise its upcoming Season 1 on December 6, whereas Fall Guys, Halo Infinite, and Overwatch have promoted their forthcoming trailers. That’s pretty intelligent advertising if you ask me.

Some people may view this as a negative, as though these studios are simply copying or competing with Rockstar Games, but we like to see this trend as a celebration of such a long-anticipated reveal.

Other video game studios are expected to follow this trend, and we’ll update this article with any others as soon as they appear.

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