Grand Theft Auto fans may have found a blurry image of the game’s full map in GTA 6 Trailer 1, and they’re not letting it go.

The GTA community has a new obsession after a grainy image thought to be of the GTA 6 map was spotted in the game’s first trailer.

It’s been around four months since the release of Trailer 1. And just when we thought fans had gotten everything they could out of it, a new image began to circulate.

Is This the GTA 6 Map?

Eagle-eyed fans believe that a bumper sticker found on the back of Lucia and Jason’s getaway car could reveal the shape of the GTA 6 map.

This blurry image could be our first official look at the map of Leonida, the state home to Vice City.

It’s far too early to tell from this image alone, but if the shape shown above does line up with the game’s map, it reveals something very interesting.

Leonida, which is heavily inspired by the real state of Florida, may actually feature the Florida panhandle, known for its incredible beaches and Emerald Coast.

Florida Panhandle GTA 6

This is something that GTA 6 early mapping efforts haven’t tended to include. As such, it could change the way the mapping community views the upcoming playable area.

Here’s the current estimation of how the GTA 6 map will look, which lacks Florida’s distinctive northwest shape:

GTA 6 Map From Mapping Efforts
Credit: VIMAP

Given that Leonida draws heavy inspiration from other aspects of the state, with the Florida Keys and Miami/Vice City matching their real-world locations, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the northern side reflect reality a little more.

Fans Are Losing Their Minds

GTA 6 fans desperately need something new to analyze, and nothing makes this clearer than how the game’s subreddit has responded to this new find.

One fan took a screenshot of every frame in which the supposed map is visible. They then tweaked the contrast and brightness in order to give us a better look at the image.

The resulting mess looks like the ravings of a community that has gone mad waiting for a new trailer.

byu/romeucapelasa from discussion

And seeing as our analysis doesn’t point to GTA 6 Trailer 2 arriving until December (although Rockstar could surprise us), we’re sure to be seeing many more posts like this in the coming months.

GTA 6 Pepe Silvia Meme

Who knows which blurry bumper sticker we’ll be closely examining in six months’ time?

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