Without a doubt, Rockstar Games is best known for the iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise, but these other titles are well worth your time!

It’s a long wait until GTA 6’s release, and while we wait for the groundbreaking game to arrive, we’ve taken a look at what else its developer has been up to over the years.

If you’re not a longtime Rockstar Games fan like we are, there’s a chance that you’ll have missed some of the developer’s best work. After all, Grand Theft Auto, while admittedly amazing, is only one series that the incredible team at Rockstar has worked on.

But if you’ve missed out on any of these games, be sure to check them out!

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The Best of Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is sitting on a wealth of incredibly varied titles, despite the developer being primarily known for one or two of its biggest franchises.

The team’s portfolio includes everything from the ‘Midnight Club’ racing series to sports simulator ‘Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis.’

Here are some of the best titles from among the developer’s outstanding library:

L.A. Noire

It has been 13 years since the release of L.A. Noire, and quite frankly, there’s never been another game like it.

L.A. Noire Key Art

An action-adventure neo-noir crime game, L.A. Noire follows Detective Cole Phelps as he rises through the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Players could freely explore 1940s Los Angeles on patrol, investigate crime scenes for clues, and interrogate suspects back at the station.

What was particularly notable for the time was L.A. Noire’s focus on facial animations, which players must use to determine when a witness or suspect was lying to them or holding back part of the truth.

LA Noire Detective Cole Philips

L.A. Noire might not have been perfect – its driving and shooting mechanics could have used a bit of work – but it’s undoubtedly one of the best police games out there.

And personally, we’d love to see Rockstar have a go at a sequel after GTA 6.

Red Dead Redemption

This one is just stating the obvious, but if you’re yet to jump into the Red Dead franchise, then you’re royally missing out.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a completely standalone game that contains perhaps the best open world of all time in terms of feeling like a living, breathing environment.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan

Not only is Red Dead Redemption 2 a masterpiece in terms of visuals, storytelling, and gameplay, but it’s also Rockstar Games’ latest release, and the developer will no doubt take heavy inspiration from it when it comes to developing GTA 6.

In fact, we’ve put together a list of all the things that GTA 6 needs to learn from Red Dead Redemption 2 already!

But the original Red Dead Redemption, and the often-forgotten PS2 title Red Dead Revolver, are also well worth your time.

Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare

Redemption is particularly critically acclaimed and contains the best standalone expansion of all time, Undead Nightmare, which transforms the Old West into a zombie-filled hellscape.

The Warriors

Back in the day, Rockstar Games published two games that were based on iconic movies.

Rockstar only published Pixelogic’s The Italian Job adaptation, which released to relatively mixed reviews. However, the studio’s own in-house video game adaptation of The Warriors was outstanding for its time.

The Warriors Game Rockstar Games

The Warriors, by director Walter Hill, is a 1979 movie about a street gang of the same name, who must battle their way from the Bronx back to their home turf on Coney Island, after being framed for killing the most powerful gang leader in New York City.

The film is a cult classic, beloved by fans. And those who actually played the video game adaptation were pleasantly surprised that The Warriors game is better than it had any right to be.

Rockstar Games crafted an incredible action-adventure survival game centered primarily around melee combat. What’s more, the game even delves into the gang’s backstory, offering additional story content from three months prior to the film’s events.

The Warriors Gameplay Screenshot

At the time, there were few more satisfying examples of hand-to-hand combat than in The Warriors game. Even more impressively, all nine playable characters have completely unique movesets, which kept things feeling fresh throughout the story.

Several original actors returned to voice their characters in the game and (at least in the original PS2 release) the title even contained several songs from the film’s soundtrack.

As such, The Warriors is easily one of the best game adaptations of a film out there – and it’s still pretty great today.

Max Payne

It’s been twelve years since the release of Max Payne 3, the final game in the acclaimed trilogy. The Max Payne games are story-focused third-person shooters that are known for their use of Matrix-style bullet time.

max payne diving while shooting

At the time, Max Payne was among the first to make use of the bullet time effect, which players could activate at will in combat to slow down enemies and bullets alike.

Although the first game in the series told its story through graphic novel-style panels, by Max Payne 3, Rockstar was telling fans an incredibly cinematic story with some of the best visuals in the industry.

But despite the series’ success, even hardcore Payne fans try their best to forget the 2008 Max Payne film adaptation, which starred Mark Wahlberg as the titular character.

Max Payne 3 Gameplay Shooting While Jumping

A remake of Max Payne 1 & 2 is currently in development at Remedy Entertainment, and will be released together as a single title. Could this be the resurgence that the franchise needs? We hope so.


Manhunt is easily Rockstar Games’ darkest and most gritty game of all time, with a focus on both stealth gameplay and gory executions.

Manhunt Rockstar Games Gameplay

Both Manhunt and its sequel, Manhunt 2, feature their main character having to hide from enemies across a series of levels, before getting the drop on them and pulling off a brutal stealth kill.

But despite the series being praised for its gameplay and captivating storylines, the Manhunt franchise is marred in controversy.

The game was incorrectly linked to a real-world murder back in 2004, and several regions of the world either banned or restricted sales of the title.

It’s a shame, because the series is heavily praised by some critics, who consider the disturbing darkness of Manhunt to be part of what makes it a masterpiece.

Manhunt 2 Baseball Bat Kill

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about Manhunt is that it is set in a shared universe with the Grand Theft Auto franchise. In fact, the first game’s antagonist was once a successful film director in Vinewood, Los Santos, which is present in both San Andreas and GTA 5!


In our opinion, Bully (released in the PAL region as Canis Cadem Edit) is one of Rockstar Games’ all-time greats. A PS2 game set in Bullworth Academy boarding school, the game follows James ‘Jimmy’ Hopkins as he attempts to take over the school’s various cliques.

Bully Scholarship Edition Key Art

Contrary to the game’s title (and initial marketing), the plot of Bully is actually structured around preventing bullying at Bullworth.

Despite being rough around the edges, Jimmy himself is against bullying, and he fights to bring order to his new school.

What’s so great about Bully is that its open world features both an enormous school setting and the town that surrounds it. Players can attend various lessons at specific times each day, or ditch class and try to avoid the prefects who roam the halls.

Bully Hiding in a Locker

For many gamers, Bully is what they hoped Hogwarts Legacy would be – an open world set in a school, containing social simulator aspects.

There’s a reason that fans have been calling for Rockstar to make ‘Bully 2’ for over 15 years!

If there are any games on this list that you’re yet to try, consider picking them up! After all, it’s a long wait until GTA 6, and there’s nothing quite like playing through Rockstar Games’ backlog to help pass the time.

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