Rockstar Games is finally ready to show off GTA 6, with a new banner sitting pride of place on the developer’s website.

It seems that marketing may be ramping up for Grand Theft Auto 6 very soon, as Rockstar has just updated its website with a new banner for the upcoming game.

After the first trailer for GTA 6 dropped in December 2023, it’s been a quiet few months for fans of the series. And given that we don’t expect the next trailer to drop for a few more months, the GTA community is going to have to get used to waiting!

But a recent change to the Rockstar Games website could indicate that more news is on its way.

GTA 6 Added to Rockstar Games List

GTA 6 has finally appeared on the Rockstar Games website’s games list, with a large new banner sitting atop a list of the developer’s other titles.

Despite the game’s first trailer dropping late last year, the banner has only recently appeared, which could signal that more information is coming soon.

GTA 6 Banner on the Rockstar Games Website Games List

However, we wouldn’t hold out too much hope. After all, clicking the banner takes you to the same ‘Welcome to Leonida’ page we’ve seen in the past.

For now, all you can do on the GTA 6 page is watch Trailer 1, but we’re certain that the second trailer will arrive there towards the end of the year.

GTA 6 Welcome to Leonida

As for when the official marketing for GTA 6 will start to ramp up, our analysis of previous Rockstar Games titles indicates that it should begin in earnest around four months prior to the game’s release.

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when that’ll be just yet.

A new localization job at Rockstar indicates that GTA 6 could release by March 2025, but publisher Take-Two Interactive’s latest earnings report actually suggested the game has been secretly delayed!

For now, we’ll have to wait for more information – but check back soon as we’ll keep you updated with all the latest developments!

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