If you’re as obsessed with GTA 6 as we are, you’re probably wondering what song Rockstar will use in the first trailer this December.

There are plenty of excellent options for the GTA 6 trailer song, from classic throwbacks to the original Vice City and ones dedicated to the city of Miami to musicians like The Weeknd’s kind of recent rise to fame.

So, without further ado, here are six perfect song ideas we think should be used in trailer 1 when it arrives:

Will Smith – Miami

We’re headed to modern-day Vice City, and what better way to introduce it than with the song ‘Miami’?

“Will Smith – Miami” is an upbeat, vibrant hip-hop track that captures the essence of the lively and colorful city.

Released in 1997, the song stands out for its catchy beat and pays homage to Miami’s party scene, sunny beaches, and diverse culture.

We can’t even turn it off now – and we’ll probably have that trailer on non-stop repeat if this is the song.

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

“The Weeknd – Blinding Lights” is a vibrant and pulsating track that blends 80s synth-pop with modern R&B.

The song is driven by a catchy, upbeat synth melody and a steady, danceable beat, creating an energetic and nostalgic soundscape.

There’s no context to Miami, but something about it is just so fitting.

This is one of our favorites, and we’d love to see Rockstar show off GTA 6 next month with this captivating song.

Scarface – Push It To The Limit

An energetic and motivational track, this song has an intense and stimulating atmosphere characterized by its driving beat.

The catchy phrase “Push it to the limit” encapsulates the spirit of striving for success against all odds.

M83 – Midnight City (from GTA 5)

“M83 – Midnight City” is a musical masterpiece that takes you to the heart of the city’s vibrant energy, where the night holds endless possibilities.

Previously featured in GTA 5, we’d love Rockstar to bring this one back for the sequel’s trailer next month.

There was simply a euphoric sensation while driving through Los Santos at night with this on Non-Stop Pop FM.

You can listen to all of the previous GTA trailer songs here to see if there are any other nostalgic tracks Rockstar should bring back.

Daryl Hall & John Oates – Out Of Touch (from Vice City)

Songs hit differently when you’re cruising in GTA, and this is one example of that.

This catchy pop-rock hit takes a trip back to the 80s and captures the era’s essence with its infectious rhythm and soulful vocals.

GTA 6 is allegedly returning to Vice City, so there’s no better time to bring this classic back to fit the vibe.

Genesis – That’s All

“Genesis – That’s All” is a melodic and catchy tune blending rock and pop elements.

The song stands out for its relatable lyrics that delve into the frustrations and cyclical nature of relationships and life’s challenges.

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